USER Agreement

The following User Agreement has the force of a public offer and applies to all participants of the investment program of tronhawk ltd.


1.1 The Agreement is available for review every investor.

1.2 This User Agreement ("Agreement") is between investment company Tronhawk Ltd (the "Company"), and the person who volunteered to participate in the investment process of the Company (the "InvestorĀ»).

1.3 This Agreement governs the provision of services and the interaction between the Company and the Investor (the Parties).

1.4 The investor is obliged to read this agreement carefully and confirm that he understood the meaning of it is read in the context in which this Agreement is presented.

1.5 Full access to all services of the site will be available only after the investor will be registered on the site. 1.6 Actions that could harm the company's website shall be considered illegal and will be treated as fraud and prosecuted copyright.


2.2 Use the services of permitted persons who have reached eighteen years of age.

2.3 Under the terms of this Agreement, the Company agrees to provide investor services consulting and investment issues regarding the use of the investor company's official website.

2.4 The Company guarantees the confidentiality of all information received from the investor, except where disclosure of such information is necessary for the resolution of disputes arising.

2.5 The Company assumes no responsibility and liability to the other investors if it was damaged by a third party on his own fault.


3.1 The Investor confirms that uses in order to invest personal funds that are not credit or borrowed, or given him to maintain third-party funds. The Agreement prohibits the use of the investor to invest in the Company above means.

3.2 Obligatory condition for the start of cooperation with the Company is passing Investor register on the site. 3.3 Multiple registration of one investor accounts is allowed .

3.3The Investor confirms that all personal information as well as details of the payment systems and e-mail specified by the Investor upon registration are correct and up to date.

3.5 The Investor has the right at any time to create a request for payment to the specified registration of electronic purse accrued on the account balance of the deposit interest or referral fees.

3.6 The Investor confirms that I have read and agreed to the refund requested a withdrawal back to the Investor's account balance if the payment information provided to them proved incorrect or not relevant.

3.7 The Company is not responsible for mistakes made by the investor when completing payment details

3.8 Withdraw any funds from the balance of your account is only possible on the electronic payment system, which was implemented making tools.

3.9 If the investor finds out that his account was hacked by third parties, he can contact support to restore access to your account.


4.1 Referral program the Company has Binary System.

4.2 Referral investor may receive a reward without having its own deposit in the Company.

4.3 The referral fee is automatically credited to your account balance of Investor, immediately after enrollment deposit an invited participant (referral).

4.4 The Investor has the right to withdraw its referral commissions at any time.

4.5 In order to attract new entrants to the investment, the Company provides investors with a wide range of promotional materials.

4.6 The investor confirms that he is familiar with the policy of the Company with respect to SPAM technologies. The company strictly prohibits the use of any form of spam. In case of revealing the fact of using the investor SPAM technologies such investor's account will be blocked.


5.1 The Company is not liable for the reimbursement of funds in situations of investment activities suspension for reasons beyond the Company's control. In such a case, the Client cannot claim compensation for probable loss of funds in the Company.

5.2 It must be clearly understood that any investment activity may be subject to possible risks, such as the loss of investment funds. Agreeing with the foregoing, the Client accepts the fact that he voluntarily transfers his personal funds in the trust management of the Company and accepts the conditions for not filing claims and demands for refunds in cases where the funds were lost not through fault or due to unprofessional actions of the Company.


6.1 All content, whether graphics, text or any other information, as well as video and gif animation, text content, etc., is the exclusive intellectual property of the Company. Any mentioning, word-by-word quoting of content, reposting fragments of text in any volume, placing video, audio or text fragments on the Internet, and reselling in general, should by default has appropriate comments in a form that provides exhaustive information about Owner of the rights to this intellectual property.

6.2 Partial or full copying of this content for the commercial use in the future is possible only on the basis of preliminary agreement with the owners of the Company's program.


7.1 Solely the Company can initiate any changes or additions to this Agreement.

7.2 If the Client continues to use the services of the Company after the above changes or additions came into effect, he agrees and accepts in full the new version of this Agreement.

7.3 Any changes or additions come into force from the moment of their actual publication in this section and in the section "News". The Client undertakes to monitor all changes on the website of the company.

7.4 All sections of the Company's website with regulatory and / or condition-defining information are correlated equally with this Agreement and are an integral part of this agreement.